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Orange Juice During COVID-19

The demand for citrus during these times has drastically increased, suppliers hustling to meet the demand.

Orange juice has been a breakfast table staple for decades. It is a rich source of vitamin C and many other nutrients and is recognized as a way to boost the immune system. The health benefits of orange juice have become even more highlighted during the current pandemic. As Covid-19 impacts our daily lives, we are finding the behaviors and habits of consumers are changing. Many families who once raced out the door to school or work are finding themselves together around the breakfast table each morning. Now, they are not just enjoying a glass of orange juice for the delicious flavor but also in hopes of keeping their families healthy.

Difficulties in the field

As our focus on health grows worldwide so has the demand for orange juice and the industry is struggling to keep up, causing orange juice prices to rise.

There are many factors adding pressure to the citrus industry. The influx of plant diseases spread by insects like the Asian Citrus Psyllid nearly decimated the Florida citrus industry. Poor harvest conditions in South American countries, like Brazil, affects the year-round global supply. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to secure labor and containers for shipping the product to markets.

Our Contribution

As members of the citrus industry in Central California, we at Farm Dog Juices have chosen to use only California grown Valencia Oranges in our juices. It has an exceptional, distinct sweetness when grown in California that we believe surpasses every other orange juice on the market. As a vertically integrated company we have eyes on much of the crop from seedling until it’s finally cold-pressed into the bottle in our facility. Our use of HPP (high pressure processing) uses the power of pressure to maintain freshness and flavor. We take great care in providing our loyal customers a consistent, great tasting product.

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