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Quality juice that you deserve

Our goal at Farm Dog Juice is to share the health benefits of our HPP cold-pressed juices.  We are the only farm to bottle juicer in the U.S., which means if we don’t grow the produce, our friends do.  We are committed to choosing only premium fruit and vegetables to craft our juices.  The use of technology allows us to offer specialty cold-pressed juices year round.  Thanks to our grower relationships and technology we can keep a close eye on quality, bringing our customer the finest ingredients in every bottle.

Cold Press Technology 

Our Cold pressed juices are made with some of the most innovative equipment specific to the produce or fruit. Each item has its own means of equipment that is best fit to extract the maximum amount of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. By not using heat anywhere in the process, all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavors are preserved in the juice.

HPP Technology

What is HPP?  High pressure processing is a form of pasteurization that utilizes high pressure to reduce the microbial content in juice.  To outline the basic process, raw juice is cold pressed and bottled in plastic bottles.  The bottles are then loaded into a large chamber which fills with water and pressurizes the bottles up to 87,000 PSI for several minutes.  Once the process is finished the juice contains almost zero living microbial content and has an increased shelf life of 10x the length of simply raw juice.

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